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TeNS Total

TeNS Total


TeNS Total is a fully portable and light-weight single channel (2 pad) unit and is designed to be as compact as a walkman, so it can fit into your pocket or clip onto a belt. You do not have to sit still during the treatment but can carry on with life as normal (although you must not drive or operate machinery when using TeNS). The flex is long enough for the pads to be placed on any part of the body, apart from over the front of the neck or the heart, so you can treat yourself whilst at work or at home.

TeNS Total comes complete in an attractive and durable plastic carrying case with a 9av battery, a pair of self-adhesive electrodes, leads and full set of instructions.
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Regular Electrodes


2 pairs of self-adhesive Regular Electrodes, 50mm x 50mm in size, these are the style supplied with the unit originally. For all TeNS units except the MiniTeNS
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Novasonic Popular Plus

Novasonic Popular Plus


Pain can be debilitating and by its very nature affect your whole enjoyment of life. Novasonic may well enable you to enjoy so many more things and improve the quality of your life.

Novasonic Therapy, by producing mixed frequency soundwaves, called Intrasonic, increases blood supply to the painful area, deep within your body (up to 60mm), not just on the surface, thus causing an extremely intense stimulation within your body's tissues, precisely where this highly effective therapy is needed. Circulation is improved for hours after a few minutes treatment.
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Replacement / Spare Wireless Urosensor for Dri Sleeper Eclipse

Replacement / Spare Wireless Urosensor for Dri Sleeper Eclipse


Replacement / Spare Wireless Urosensor for Dri Sleeper Eclipse
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Medidos N°1 Original

Medidos N1 Original


Its strength lies in its simplicity with seven clearly marked boxes for each day of the week
Each box contains four adjustable compartments labelled Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Bedtime
The elegant, Medidos, with a Velcro flap, looks like a small Filofax or diary. It has the advantage of being discreet
It includes a patient record card and a sleeve to house one day's supply for a special trip out

Now available in a variety of colours

Each Day Box - 9.5 cm x 2 cm x 1.5 cm
Overall - 10 cm x 15 cm x 2cm
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We offer special discounts upon application for physiotherapists, osteopaths, doctors, charities and other members of the medical profession using our products for their patients.

We also offer special trade prices for medical supplies companies, wholesalers and other trade outlets.

We welcome enquiries from the UK or abroad and currently supply a number of domestic and foreign companies with our products.

Should you wish to make a trade or professional enquiry or purchase, please e-mail us from your company address, just click on 'Contact Us' on the left, or fax us using your company/practice letterhead with details of which product you are interested in and how many you may like to purchase.